Angela Bonetti

Angela was born and grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and moved to Southern California in 2015 at 20 years of age. Once relocated, it seemed as if Chiropractic “found her.” She began working as a Chiropractic Assistant in the Pacific Palisades just a month after arriving and has continued in the field since. Angela moved to the Northern San Diego County area in May of 2018, where she met and interviewed with Dr. Keith Roberts(who hired her on the spot!). She now works alongside Dr. Roberts as his Chiropractic Assistant/Office Manager.

Angela’s hobbies include hiking, yoga, Tai Chi, acrylic painting, traveling, poetry, singing, piano, ukulele, reading, freelance writing, meditation, and more. She is currently in the process of becoming certified as a Post-Traumatic Recovery Life Coach with focus on how mental/emotional traumas can affect one’s physical body. Her goal is to attend chiropractic school and ultimately combine the two professions.

“Working with Dr. Roberts has opened my eyes to the benefits of what being ‘healthy’ truly means. I had thought that Chiropractic Care simply meant spinal manipulations; but in this office, it means so much more.” -Angela