Patient Success Stories

Below are testimonials by some of our wonderful patients over the past 40 years. We thank you for your appreciation and will continue striving for success in return.


"Impossible only means it hasn't been done before. all things are possible through god's grace and one's own personal desires... never underestimate the power of one's own deep personal faith and desires to bring forth the impossible."

-Coral & Branson Bergman



 Dr.Roberts is amazingly intuitive and extremely educated on top of NATURALLY intelligent. His assistant Kelley brings the wow factor to the office. They both ALWAYS go the extra mile to make sure your needs are met with 100% satisfaction. Best money I have ever spent. Thank you guys for all that you do! I will miss y'all when I move back to Texas.    

- Hannah Phillips




"I have been a patient of Dr. Keith Roberts for years. I am 75 years of age and still running. Dr. Roberts is instrumental in keeping me running. If I have a medical problem of any kind, Dr. Roberts finds a solution. Through Kinesiology he has given me non- intrusive physical, which was confirmed by an intrusive physical by an md. HiS work with children, with major problems,touches me as i observe how much he cares and the improvement in those children. dr. Roberts is truly a genius. he is the finest doctor i have ever had contact with. i do not generally recommendation, but this is a pleasure."

-Jim Mcinnis